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Minvita Energy Superfood Blend

This superfood blend actively enhances your natural energy and stamina while boosting your mood. Vitamin C, iron and protein synergistically fire up your energy reserves, calcium fuels each of your body’s muscle contractions, and potassium regulates your recovery. The result? A whole lot more zip to your day and endurance to your workout! A must for busy, active lives.


Nutrional Declaration

Serving size - 1 teaspoon (5g /0. 18oz)

Servings per container: 50

  per 100g % RI
Energy 1304 kJ / 311 kcal  
Fat 7g  
- of which saturates 2.1g  
Carbohydrate 41.3g  
- of which sugars 17.2g  
Fibre 67g  
Protein 24.8g  
Salt 0.1g  
Potassium 1165mg 58%
Calcium  175mg 22%
Iron 6.3mg 45 %
Vitamin C 75mg 95%




Iron contributes to the normal energy-yielding metabolism.

High in Vitamin C

High in Calcium

High in Iron

High in Potassium

For use in

smoothies, juices, yoghurts or as a baking ingredient.

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