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Maca Superfood Powder

Minvita Maca Superfood Powder is made from the Peruvian root vegetable that’s been cultivated and enjoyed for centuries by the indigenous population of the Andes. Only growing at altitudes of over 3500 metres, maca thrives in inhospitable terrain. Dug out in spring, the root of the maca plant is dried under the sun and milled into a powder.


Nutrional Declaration

Serving size - 1 dessert spoon  (5g / 0.18oz)

Servings per container: 50

  per 100g % RI
Energy 845 kJ  / 202 kcal  
Fat 3g  
- of which saturates 0.8g  
Carbohydrate 24g  
- of which sugars 3g  
Fibre 32g  
Protein 22g  
Salt <0.1g  
Calcium 1800mg 225%
Iron 30mg 214%
Zinc 3mg 30%
Vitamin C 230mg 287%


 Zinc contributes to normal fertility and reproduction.

High in Calcium

High in Iron

High in Potassium

High in Zinc

For use in

smoothies, cereals, juices, yoghurts or as a baking ingredient.

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