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The Festive Balance! Your ‘have fun, stay healthy’ guide.

Helping you find that glorious place festively nestled between having fun and feeling a part of everything this Christmas, without reaching *that* place where you’re bloated, exhausted and reaching for yet another bowl of your Aunt’s Christmas Pudding.

** Psst, there’s also a BIG gift from Santa. Scroll down for full details… **

* YOUR DAILY WAKE-UP: start each day with a nutritious breakfast. That way, whatever follows, you’ve already given yourself something good. Staying away? Pack your NutriBullet and zizz up a smoothie, or make the whole house a big batch of Choc Raspberry Energy Oats  – sociable and yummy!

* THE IN-HOUSE RULE: where possible, keep your own kitchen well stocked with nourishing whole foods, including lots of fresh veggies and fruit. Hosting? Plan some gorgeous healthy comforts for your guests. Mean Bean Curries and Chunky Veg & Lentil Stews instantly spring to mind!

BONUS TIP: if you are wanting to serve packaged festive foods, try to save these for the core Christmas days (while still keeping plenty of those fresh goodies dotted around).

* ALL PACKED: Christmas parties and last-minute shopping splurges call for handbag & rucksack power snacks! Throw some Super Fruit Super Energy Balls in a sandwich bag to stave off the sort of hunger pangs that’ll have you eating every appetiser in sight!

* SHARING THE HEALTH: bring-and-share dinners and Boxing Day buffets are the perfect opportunity to flex your superfood cooking muscles and take something secretly healthy for everyone to indulge in. ‘Secretly healthy’ because it’s so tasty nobody will know…but you.

* PRIORITIES, PRIORITIES! To balance out those rich party foods, just watch your plate! Prioritise the veggie-filled options and sides that top up your vitamin intake while filling your tum.

* ANY OPPORTUNITY: stay active! If the season becomes too silly to accommodate your usual workouts, make sure you’re still up and at it. Take your online shopping offline (and by foot!) and give yourself another good reason to dance all night long. It’ll also stop you boredom munching!

* THE HUNGER MONSTER. You know how you’ll eat anything when you’re tired?! Anything, like that second Christmas lunch? Well, the Energy Classic Smoothie is your new BFFL when it comes to sleepy afternoons and mulled wine hangovers.

* HOME DETOX DAYS. You read the in-house rule, right? Check out your holiday schedule and see where you can squeeze in some home days between the parties. Use these days to fuel up on greens and detox smoothies. See just how playful you can get with your Detox Superfood Blend! Can’t manage a whole day? Do a half, or even half a morning. All the little rests add up!

* SUPER SWITCHES: we’re thinking GABA rice with your Boxing Day curry and Roobois Matcha Latte in place of creamy coffees. Again, it’s those little tweaks that turbocharge the ordinary (and make all the difference to your skin and waistline!).

* SANTA’S JUICE BAR! This may just be our favourite tip. Don your partywear and shake your cocktail mixer – it’s time to make some super-juice mocktails. Seriously, how fun would it be to offer some colourful, refreshing, super healthy goodness to your friends and family? Pile up the tubs and see what people fancy. Looking for one do-it-all tub? Our pick would be Baobab. It’s naturally got a bit of a festive fizz to its flavour!

* ELVING AROUND. Yes, we’re getting totally carried away, but so can you when it comes to your festive makes and bakes. Whip up some Hot Mulberry Cacao Milk, serve up some Mince Pie Puddings. Have fun, be healthy! It’s the name of the game…or this guide, anyway!

See, fun doesn’t mean you can’t stay on track of your wellness goals and healthy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a festive cupcake! In our eyes, the real goal is BALANCE. And using this time to enjoy all the good things and people in our lives, while looking back on another great year.

We’re so glad to have been a small a part of yours and can’t wait to hear which of these tips you most enjoy.

By the way, it’s a good job Santa’s been listening in. He has a little something for you…

That’s right, just enter code: santa16 at checkout to save 25% off ALL your festive Minvita!!

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