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Choc Raspberry Energy Oats

Ingredients1 cup oats1 1/4 cup almond milk2 tsp Minvita Energy Superfood Blend225g raspberries, lightly broken2 heaped tsp chocolate nut butter (we used Carley's Organic Raw Chocolate Amazing Almond Super Spread!)4 tsp chia seedsMaple syrup to preference75g pecans, crushedOptional: 2 heaped tsp cacao powder (grind your cacao nibs in a coffee/nut grinder)RecipeWe have a confession to make. These overnight oats were meant to be our afternoon snack but we enjoyed them so much we gobbled them straight after the photos!This recipe has been created with your energy needs in mind. It’s both low energy on the making (taking all of three...

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Energy Classic Smoothie

Ingredients500ml chilled filtered water400ml almond milk 2 cups (approx. 10 pieces) frozen spinach/ chosen greens2 ripe bananas2 cups frozen blueberries & strawberries/ chosen berries6 dried medjool dates, de-stoned2 tbsp chia seeds2 tsp Minvita Energy Superfood MixRecipeThere’s no need to buy those artificial energy drinks when you’ve got this recipe. Combining many of mother nature’s finest cell-boosters, each ingredient has been specially selected to add zip to your day. What’s more, these ingredients can be grabbed from your local supermarket (that’s if you don’t already have them at home!).Our Energy Classic Smoothie has been created to complement your new Energy Superfood...

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