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Elena's Fit Muffins!

IngredientsMuffin mix:2 cups spelt flour1 tbsp olive oilHandful mixed nuts1 pinch salt2 eggs & 1 egg white (or vegan egg replacement)1 tbsp coconut oil1 tbsp peanut butter1 tbsp Minvita Chia seedsTo top:Goji berriesSeeds of choiceMinvita Cacao NibsRecipeHere’s to a hat-trick of Fit Foods with Elena España! Yes, ‘Real and Not Perfect‘ returns to Minvita and this time she brings muffins!We’re talking all natural, low sugar, high energy muffins that will give you (and the rest of your family) that buzz of a treat, without the crash.They’re so simple to make:1. Pre-heat your oven to 180C.2. Mix all ingredients in a...

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Healthy Jon's Vegan Chocolate Tartlets

IngredientsBase: 160g mixed nuts (or nuts of your choice)35g cacao nibs 12 medjool dates2 tbsp cacao powderPinch pink Himalayan rock saltFilling:1/2 can coconut milk120g dark vegan chocolate1 tsp baobab powder (Minvita)Garnish:Cacao powderStrawberriesMintRecipeIf you read our recent roundup of Healthy Feeds to Follow, you’ll recognise Healthy Jon. Jon’s Instagram page has long been a source of inspiration for us here. Go on, take a peek, you’ll be tempted by all manner of healthy morsels. What’s more, you’ll see that it’s more than possible to get lean while enjoying a balanced existence. Yes, this health food and fitness blogger –and, not to...

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Real and Not Perfect's Fit Cookies

Ingredients1 cup organic oats ½ cup almond milk (sugar-free)2 tbsp agave syrup1 tbsp tahini1 scoop quinoa flour2 tbsp chia pudding (leave the chia seeds with coconut milk in a closed recipient for approx. 30min)2 tbsp vegan chocolate protein powder1 tbsp coconut oil1 kiwi½ banana1 tbsp sugar-free cacao powder (you can blitz Minvita's cacao nibs into a powder using a coffee/nut grinder)1 tbsp cinnamonRecipeWe’ve followed Elena España as ‘Real and Not Perfect‘ on Instagram for a while now and so value the message she’s putting out to the world – fitness can bring a smile, nutritious meals can be playful, and...

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