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Mince Pie Puddings

IngredientsPer pudding, approx:2 tsp Meridian Organic Mince Pie Filling1 date, de-stoned15g hazelnuts2 tbsp vanilla COYO coconut yoghurt1/4 tsp Rooibos Matcha PowderRecipeOh Santa is going to love you this year! As will all your party guests when you serve up these nifty, festive little puds.We’re excited to share this modern (and elegant party-friendly) take on mince pies. Their small serving size means a shot of sweetness that’s just rich enough.We used an approx. 75ml shot glass for these measurements. You can play around with this recipe to eye/tastebud!TO MAKE EACH PUDDING…1. De-stone your dates and blitz with your hazelnuts in a...

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Rooibos Matcha Latte

IngredientsPer Rooibos Matcha Latte:1 tsp Rooibos Matcha Powder1/3 mug water (using your choice of latte glass as a measure)2/3 mug almond milk1 tsp ground nutmeg1 tsp ground cinnamon2 1/5 tsps pure maple syrupRecipeNow for the drink that we’re all hooked on at HQ! It’s frothy, it’s festive and it’s perfect for all those guests swinging by over the next few weeks. Need more convincing? Well, let us tell you…* This is the au naturel answer to the high street’s syrup-filled options* It’s energising, and antioxidant rich, yet naturally caffeine-free* And it’s so frothy and festive. Oh yes, we already told...

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Super Fruit Super Energy Balls!

Ingredients1.5 cups gluten-free oats1/2 cup chia seeds1 large ripe banana2 tsp rooibos matcha powder2 small-med ripe nectarines 6 pitted datesJuice 1/2 lemon2 tbsp almond butterRecipeSurfing the California(/Devonshire) waves, chasing the kids around the garden, hiking the Lakes…however you’re spending your summer one thing’s for sure, you’ll need plenty of energy to truly enjoy it. And we get so many enquiries about which of our superfoods provide the biggest boost.Well, we’ve combined one of our favourites into these energy balls. They’re easy-make, kid-friendly and contain no refined sugar. Nothing refined at all, in fact. Instead, they contain a balance of carbs,...

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