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Mince Pie Puddings


Per pudding, approx:
2 tsp Meridian Organic Mince Pie Filling
1 date, de-stoned
15g hazelnuts
2 tbsp vanilla COYO coconut yoghurt
1/4 tsp Rooibos Matcha Powder

Oh Santa is going to love you this year! As will all your party guests when you serve up these nifty, festive little puds.

We’re excited to share this modern (and elegant party-friendly) take on mince pies. Their small serving size means a shot of sweetness that’s just rich enough.

We used an approx. 75ml shot glass for these measurements. You can play around with this recipe to eye/tastebud!


1. De-stone your dates and blitz with your hazelnuts in a small grinder or food processer.

2. Separately, stir the Rooibos Matcha Powder into the Vanilla COYO. Mix thoroughly, so the colour is evenly spread.

3. Next, we’re going to get serving. Yes, it really is this simple!

4. Spoon the Meridian Mince Pie filling into the base of each shot glass. Press lightly with a spoon to avoid air bubbles.

5. Using a clean spoon, now layer the Rooibos and Vanilla COYO mix over the top of this.

6. Finally, top with the ground dates and hazelnuts. Press lightly once again to create a neat topping.

7. Serve, or chill in the fridge until serving.

8. Send us your pudding pics! Just tag away via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook &/or Pinterest!

Serving suggestion: serve alongside Rooibos Matcha Lattes. Such a festive pairing!

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