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5 steps to smarter meals (feat. t plus drinks & a giveaway)!

5 top tips to smarten up your meals; the smarter teas you need in your life, plus the prize bundle you’ll really want to win!

Today’s post is all in honour of t plus drinks’ ‘The Smarter Series’, where we’ve had the pleasure of discussing smarter meals alongside MOMA and Pudology. Let’s get things started with your…


STEP 1. Plan it out.

Meal planning has made such a difference to our lives. That little bit of time spent plotting out our meals saves SO much energy through the working week and makes it so much easier to resist reaching for (less healthy!) convenience options. Grab a pad or the notes section of your phone and get brainstorming some simple, nutritious dishes.

STEP 2. Add something extra to each of your main meals.

We’ve spoken about this one before, how adding just a sprinkle of nutrient-dense superfood really helps boost the goodness in your daily dishes. Revisit your meal plan and see which Superfoods you could add to your meals this week.

STEP 3. Find fresh inspiration.

Perhaps this should have been Step 1 as it makes it infinitely easier to plan your meals when you have a wide pool of healthy ideas to pick from. Get started on our recipes page, and check out the work of some of our favourite health bloggers (and theirs!) in ‘Healthy feeds to follow‘.

STEP 4. Start swapping.

You’ve made some healthy additions, now make some nutritious swaps. Change your breakfast tea to a t plus blend and switch your white rice for organic sprouted GABA. It’s super easy and all those little changes add up.

STEP 5. Eat mindfully.

OK, this one is a little different, yet it’s just as smart! By giving your meals your undivided attention, you’ll become more attuned to your body’s cues. You’ll learn how good your food tastes and feels, and actually notice when you’re feeling full. Smart, hey?

So, we’ve said this feature is in aid of t plus’s new series. Time to hear what’s happening…


“As we’re the smarter tea, we’ve partnered up with some pretty awesome brands to bring you the ‘Smarter Series’. It’s easier than ever to stay on top of a clean lifestyle with the increasing availability of real whole foods and easy access to information on how we live and eat clean.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with 9 super duper brands to bring you inside info, tips and suggestions on how to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. We’ve discussed 3 exciting topics – nutrition, snacking and meals over the space of 3 weeks along with running 3 very exciting giveaways with the brands. It’s a good’un.”

A good’un indeed! So you’ve all got some catching up to do over on the t plus blog.


“Here at t plus we have the simple mission to make healthy living just that little bit more accessible. We offer a range of healthy, tasty, functional hot drinks that give the right effect where and when needed most – making the world of tea just a little smarter.

Using a base of the finest hand picked Sri Lankan green tea, we add in a range of functional herbs, whole fruit pieces and a little all natural flavour to boot. Each tea bag is then loaded with daily essential vitamins to make it that it easier for people to get their daily vit hit.”


* t + boost – An energising blend of green tea, yerba mate, ginseng and energy releasing B vitamins in a natural raspberry & pomegranate flavoured tea.

* t + immunitea – An immune boosting mix of green tea, echinacea, ginseng and 50% RDA vitamin C in a delicious natural orange & blueberry flavoured green tea.

* t + detox – A cleansing blend of green tea, milk thistle, ginger root and B vitamins in a refreshing natural apple & blackcurrant flavoured tea.

* t + multea – A packed blend of green tea, rosemary, cardamom, spearmint and 9 daily essential vitamins in a natural lemon & peach flavoured tea.

Time to get the kettle on? Yes, ready to read The Smarter Series.


Fancy winning a bundle of smart, healthy, goodies? Follow the instructions on this t plus Instagram post now!

The prize includes our Baobab Superfruit Powder, Chia Superfood Seeds and Organic Sprouted Black GABA Rice, alongside treats from MOMA, t plus and Pudology. Deliciousness!

The winner will be announced by t plus drinks a week today (Fri 30th Sep 2016). Good luck guys!

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