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How to end the afternoon slump

Time to say sayonara to your daily energy dip! But first, let’s find out what it is…


Let’s be honest, we’ve all wondered whether our afternoon slump is a phenomenon more closely related to laziness than science. But alas, there’s a very real reason why our energy dives come mid-afternoon; it’s all about our circadian rhythm.

As we know, our natural body clocks were set long before the digital age and have wavered little since. Throughout each day, there are various points in which our bodies respond well to certain elements, whether it’s eating, exercising or catching some Zs. And it just so happens that around 12 hours after our deepest nightly Zs, we experience a second sleep craving.

Our attention spans dwindle and we’re left wishing we could nix our lengthy reports in lieu of a nice nap. So, that’s the science, but the reports need to be completed and we’re not all fortunate enough to live in siesta-wise communities…


We’ll start with some quick fixes for those of us slumping right now!

1. REACH FOR CACAO. Last summer a group of Northern Arizona University scientists found cacao can significantly boost the attention span. Note, that’s cacao – the results pointed to chocolate with a 60%+ content. Of course, you can always go the whole way and sprinkle some pure cacao nibs over your afternoon snack.

2. POWER UP WITH CARBS & PROTEIN. Grab yourself a quick bite containing these two macros. Make sure those carbs are quality complex carbs, rather than the tempting cakes currently circulating the sales department.

3. SAY NO TO HIGH SUGAR & CAFFEINE-FILLED ENERGY DRINKS. You do want to up your fluids, but you don’t want to set yourself up for a deeper crash. Try an afternoon smoothie (our Energy Classic is just made for this!) or a mug of caffeine-free tea, like Rooibos Matcha.


1. FOLLOW YOUR CLOCK. Huffington Post tells you when’s best to sleep, wake, exercise and eat, based on your age.

2. EAT CONSCIOUSLY. We all know that big, heavy, refined carb-laden lunches are a quick route to the carb coma. Eat lighter, remembering that complex carb and protein combo we discussed above. We also know we should never skip a meal and that some of us suit a small snack between breakfast and lunch. Our favourites? Energy balls, fresh smoothies and little tubs of overnight oats.

3. MIX UP SOME ENERGY! That’s our Energy Superfood Blend – our most requested product launched to date! Baobab, Maca, Cacao and Hemp Protein combine to add some plant-powered zip to your day. Experiment with a teaspoonful in your favourite snacks and meals.

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