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Your new superfood blends

You asked; we listened! We’ve seen a surge of requests for a single powder you could throw in your Nutribullet on a busy morning. A fuss-free way of getting closer to your health and nutrition goals without the expense of ‘cocktailing’ your superfood powders…

Well, how could we ignore such a request?! It’s time to introduce your brand new Superfood Blends…


Organic | Raw | Vegan | Gluten-free

This blend actively enhances your natural energy and stamina while boosting your mood. Vitamin C, iron and protein synergistically fire up your energy reserves, calcium fuels each of your body’s muscle contractions, and potassium regulates your recovery. The result? A whole lot more zip to your day and endurance to your workout! A must for busy, active lives. 

Energy ingredients spotlight…

Baobab: bursting with vitamin C, which helps you better absorb its bounty of energy-lifting iron. This ingredient is known to stabilise blood sugar, bolster your immunity, perk up the skin and keep you sharp of mind.

Maca: a prized adaptogen famed for its hormone-balancing effects, alongside its power to level the mood, lift the libido, and fuel a great workout.

Cacao: all hail cacao, the magnesium-rich, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-aplenty ingredient that adds, you guessed it, a great chocolatey twist to this blend! It also increases cardiovascular health – recharging the circulatory system, lowering blood pressure and increasing blood flow.

Hemp Protein: not only does protein keep you satiated for longer, it helps regulate blood sugar instability which, when left to go unchecked, leads to energy lows and fatigue. This easily digestible plant-based protein may also enhance your fat loss due to its fibre content.

Taste notes: a light versatile blend, rounded by a chocolatey finish.



Organic | Vegan | Gluten-free

Enhance your body’s natural cleansing processes with this detoxifying blend. Tailored to boost your digestion and elimination, this superfood formula helps stabilise your blood sugar levels, support your weight management goals, and flood your body with an array of protective antioxidants.

Protein and iron also work in harmony to maintain your energy levels as you cleanse. 

Detox ingredients spotlight…

Wheatgrass: supports full body cell health and is renowned for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory content. Research suggests wheatgrass enhances digestive health and may positively influence the appetite. Its vitamin A content also gives the skin a great glow!

Chlorella: this small vibrant green algae houses more chlorophyll than any other plant. A regular feature of Japanese diets, chlorella is believed to support the body in the removal of toxins (including heavy metals) and, through regular consumption, may have the potential to lower serum lipid levels.

Alfalfa: another powerful anti-inflammatory, studies suggest alfalfa can increase the body’s ‘good cholesterol’ while regulating the build up of arterial fat and ‘bad’ blood cholesterol.

Raw Acai: this fibrous, antioxidant-rich berry is a great source of Essential Fatty Acids (with more readily absorbed Omegas 3 and 6 than super blueberries!). These fats are crucial for healthy liver function and thus efficient detoxification. Acai is also prized for helping combat the free radicals released during weight loss.

Taste notes: a delicate green blend, high in versatility and light on the palate!


How to use your new Superfood Blends: stir into your choice of smoothie, juice, water or yoghurt. While the product serves up most nutrients when consumed unheated, you can also experiment by incorporating this blend into baked goods and cooked foods.

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Be sure to tell your health-loving friends and keep an eye on our recipe page where we’ll be revealing the perfect smoothies to complement your new blends.

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