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Healthy feeds to follow!

Discover new #hbloggers and Instagrammers to follow – and find out who keeps them healthy!

Each day we find ourselves buzzing with a new discovery. That recipe tag that takes us to a motivational feed, the health blogger with the refreshingly new angle or the industry insider who sparks further research and debate. Really, it’s got to be one of the best bits about working in this industry. Topped only perhaps by being in the position to share our finds with the rest of you!

So, that’s what we’re going to do today: share some of the people who keep us inspired. The twist? They have to reveal who inspires them!

Here’s introducing…


“My favourite place to find health motivation is on Happywellmag’s Instagram and website. I love their inspiring images and the healthy treats they are sharing. It’s rather wonderful how they’re about a happy body AND mind.”

Follow Sabine: Instagram


“Hi! My main source of inspiration is Instagram accounts by healthy food bloggers, like Audrey from  Unconventional Baker for her beautiful and sugar-free desserts. The Hemsley + Hemsley cookbook  introduced me to the joys of grain-free dinners and fermented foods. Finally, the Well + Good online magazine for recipes, latest fitness trends, and ingredients.”

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Find Meghna’s Mango & Baobab Tropical Smoothie Bowl here on our recipes page!


“I must confess this is a tricky one, as I am inspired by so many things in life and it’s definitely not one thing in particular. I have always had a deep connection with nature, but it took time to understand how our wellbeing completely relies on our connection and belief in nature, as within each sound, smell and movement, lies the energy that connects each and every human being on this planet (those alive and deceased). I feel most alive when I tune in with the moon cycles, connect with the energy of crystals and the vibration of sound, and enjoy the energy that we get from wholesome plant sources. For this reason, I love following the gorgeous Xochi Balfour at The Naturalista. Her style and passion for natural living and passion naturopathy supports my own beliefs and passion. I also draw inspiration for wholesome plant foods from Luise and David at Green Kitchen Stories.”

Follow Stiana: Instagram / Web


Ella Mills (AKA Deliciously Ella) –and her personal experience– has been my inspiration. Buying her book was the best decision I could make to learn how to cook healthily and to understand how easy it could be. From desserts to food on the go, delicious dips, raw treats and rainbow bowls of awesome veggies, Ella’s philosophy is all about embracing the natural foods that your body loves and creating fresh, simple dishes which are easy to make and taste amazing. The bloggers platform Fit Londoners has also been a great support. By deciding to be a Fit Londoners Rep I’ve found many opportunities to interact with other health/fitness enthusiast and fellow Londoners.” 

Follow Elena: Instagram

Plus find out more about Elena’s own healthy lifestyle & try her Fit Cookies via our latest recipe post.



“My source of motivation is They have thousands of articles on nutrition and training written by long-standing industry experts and reference all claims to well-constructed peer reviewed journals. If you are looking for a source of information and want to skip the BS, is a great place to start.”

Follow Jon: Instagram / Web


“There are so many people who inspire and motivate me daily but, for the past 6 months, I have to give huge credit to The Body Coach. Following his 90 Day SSS plan, my life has transformed in so many positive ways..! ‘It’s not a diet…it’s a lifestyle change’ – that is 100% true. #leanin15 #90daysssplan”

Follow Michelle: Instagram / Web

Sip on one of Michelle’s Blueberry & Acai Smoothies. Recipe here on Minvita.


“I follow Chris Kresser, a fabulous promoter of functional and integrative medicine. I love his articles, as well as his podcasts, Revolution Health Radio. He also has a variety of e-books covering pertinent subjects like e.g. “Should you go gluten-free?”. He backs up his statements with evidence-based research, which is great. I also get regular newsletters from Authority Nutrition. These are daily news updates on nutrition, health and weight loss – the topics I am passionate about. Their articles contain scientific references to peer-reviewed scientific papers, and you can click through to the original paper. I love the style of their articles as they are simple, straight to the point and objective, presenting all sides of the argument. Finally, I enjoy Supercharged Food Blog. I love Lee’s recipes – so tasty and healthy!”

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Read Magda’s top tips on keeping a healthy family, featuring her Chocolate Zoats recipe, in an earlier blog post!

LAUREN: Lauren Sarah Barber

“I love Elephant Journal for their varied and in depth mindset articles. I was also lucky enough to be published by them recently. I always read their newsletters! I also adore reading the blogs of my friends in the health world and one person who always interests me is Claire Fairhurst from Jigsaw Nutrition. She brings together nutrition and spirituality and that is my jam!!”

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Huge thanks to each of you for sharing – we’ve got plenty of healthy reading to do now!

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