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Your superfood guide to a healthier summer

Your official guide to looking more vibrant, protecting your skin, staying cool and all round living well with superfoods this summer!

Superfood (noun): a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.

Summer (noun): the season of fun and adventure…ahem, maybe this one came from our own dictionary, but you’re with us, right?!

Starting simply: despite what Dr. Google tells you, fast-track weight loss never looks pretty. Step away from the fad diet guide, stop Googling cellulite cures, it’s time to focus on the positives. We champion the notion of #onegoodthing – adding one healthy addition to your daily routine. Stick with it for a while and see how quickly the changes stack up in your body. The simplest way? A spoonful of something super with your breakfast.

TIP: Wondering which superfood best matches your needs? Our free ‘Ready, Set, Superfood Quiz‘ should help pin down the answer (you can always skip the account part and view your results)! Or you can just give us a shout on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook for a personal recommendation. We’re also offering 2 x free samples of Moringa for each UK reader while stocks last.

Go for a glow: this topsy-turvy UK weather causes no end of skin confusion. The brilliant news – edible superfood powders double up as topical beauty boosters. Dampen your face; stir a teaspoon of your powder of choice into your favourite facial mask, lotion or scrub, apply, leave to set (swot up on the latest healthy living tips here on the blog while you’re waiting – our nutritionist’s guide to healthier families, the scientific lowdown on GABA‘s effects on anxiety, and ‘How to find balance in an Instagram age‘ should make the time fly!), rinse and you’re good to glow!

Tea on ice: we’re all about the iced tea. Brew up your favourite blend, leave to cool, pour over ice and add some superfruit goodness. We love to take ours to the office; it makes a great accompaniment to matcha cookies and an appealing way to up your hydration this summer.

Edible protection: research shows you can also eat your way to extra UV protection. Don’t skip your SPF but do give your skin a hand by eating plenty of antioxidants. We love Dr. Frank Lipman’s guide on the topic which should have you adding broccoli and sweet potatoes to your plate, apricots, papaya and mango to your bowl, cacao to your puddings and baobab to your glass (it’s one of the richest sources of Vitamin C going).

Cooling off: if you’re anything like us, no sooner do the days turn sticky than we turn to our freezers in search of something iced. Well, who needs to hamper their health progress with additives and artificially sweetened lollies, when you can make beautiful healthy options? Or, better still, rope a willing helper into filling your freezer for you! Our brand new Super Coconut Lolly recipe will top up your Essential Fatty Acid and vitamin supply while you cool.

Sparkling suggestions: switch sodas and colas to sparkling water, a spoonful of superfood powder and a slice of fresh lemon, orange and/or lime. You’ve got yourself an elegant drink for a garden party and a healthier spritzer on a balmy eve. Psst, you can even add superfood powders to your choice of alcoholic tipple…just remember the rules of moderation!

After the sun: so, you’ve gone and done it. The park was that bit too relaxing and your skin is beyond parched. Soothe, nourish and restore with some cold-pressed Baobab. No, you don’t have to head to your kitchen, we’ve prepared it for you with this all natural body oil. And make sure to apply a generous layer of SPF before you next head out!

Soak it out: wanting the topical beauty boosts of the face mask all over your body? You’ve got two options! First, follow the instructions up above using your choice of body moisturiser or scrub before you shower. Or else, soak it out. We recommend stirring a few heaped tablespoons of superfood powder into your favourite bath salts. This is also our go-to trick for foot soaking, using a small bowl.

Picnics aplenty: we adore the picnic season! Al fresco dining and baskets of nibbles, it’s hard to go wrong! It’s also a great time to sneak more nourishment into your day. GABA rice pesto saladscurried coconut wraps, little tubs of Rooibos Matcha Parfaits, chilled flasks of mango smoothie. Get creative, top up your antioxidants and enjoy.

May your summer be health-filled and happy! Got another superfood trick up your sleeve? We’d love to hear it. Tag us on  TwitterInstagram or Facebook for a share. And don’t forget to join our list for more healthy living inspiration (AKA,  your free Minvita monthly mail)!

A little reminder: always do a patch test before trying any new topical treatment!

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