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Baobab & Berry Smoothie Bowl


1 tbsp Minvita Baobab Superfruit Powder
1 cup frozen berries (strawberries, blueberries, cherries etc)
Splash of milk (soya, almond, cow's etc)
1 frozen banana
1 cup crushed ice

Minvita Chia Superfood Seeds
Pumpkin seeds

Are we all in agreement that smoothie bowls not only taste amazing but are the most ‘Instagram-able’ things to eat ever? They’re a great way to turn your everyday smoothie into something a little more exciting, and there are an endless amount of flavour combinations and toppings that you can opt for. Today, we’re showing you how to create a naturally nutritious and truly delicious smoothie bowl that contains all of the health benefits of the superfruit baobab – Vitamin E, calcium, fibre and potassium to name a few – and tastes just as good as it looks!

1. As you can see we like to freeze most of our ingredients beforehand as it gives the smoothie a much thicker consistency, which ensures that the mixture isn’t too runny and that your toppings will sit nicely on the surface. Into your blender, add chopped frozen banana, any frozen berries, crushed ice, milk of your choice and our Baobab Superfruit Powder then blast until creamy and smooth

2. If your smoothie is too thin, simply add more solids instead of liquids – frozen banana works best for thickening the consistency. Carefully pour into the bowl of your choice and level out the surface with the bottom of a spoon

3. Get creative with your toppings! We love to sprinkle over our Chia Superfood Seeds and pumpkin seeds and create patterns with redcurrants and blackcurrants – you can be as inventive as you like with your smoothie bowl style and anything goes. Not only will extra toppings look great, they’ll also add plenty of extra vitamins and nutrients – what’s not to love?

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