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Meghna's Mango & Baobab Tropical Smoothie Bowl

Ingredients1/2 large mango1 small carrot1/2 cup chopped pineapple1 passion fruit2 tsp baobab powder1/2 cup almond milkRecipeWe’ve been loving all the recent Twitter, Facebook and Instagram tags letting us see what you’re making with your Minvita. Thank you everyone; we’re trying to share as many as we can with our followers!The other day one such tag filled us with delight, and this tag came from Meghna of health blog Meghna’s. Not only did it accompany the beautiful recipe guest recipe we’re sharing with you today, but it introduced us to the rest of Meghna’s work – which we’re sure you’ll agree...

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Blueberry + Baobab Smoothie Bowl by Curiously Conscious

Ingredients1 ripe banana1/2 cup frozen blueberries1 spoonful Minvita baobab powder1 tbsp almond butter250ml plant-based milkRecipeToday’s recipe comes as a ‘one to read’ and a ‘one to taste’ as we introduce this creation by Curiously Conscious.Founder Besma has won us over with her stripped back and accessible take on her chosen topics. Topics that cover the breadth of healthy and sustainable living.Besma’s Blueberry + Baobab Smoothie Bowl feature is a case in point, succinctly detailing the history and benefits of Baobab. The feature also includes the method for a simple, busy life-friendly, smoothie bowl (created with a sample of Minvita Baobab...

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Baobab Pesto & GABA Rice Salad

IngredientsPESTO:1 tbsp Baobab powder80g pine nutsHandful fresh basil leafJuice 1 lemon5 tbsp extra virgin olive oilMineral saltBlack pepperSERVING:30g flaked almonds100g pomegranate seedsRICE:1.5 cups water1 cup Organic Sprouted Gaba Rice BlackRecipeDon’t you find you’re all too often spinning out the same handful of dishes week on week? Well, we reckon it’s time to mix things up and add some new twists to old classics. Come this December, we can then all admire our varied recipe repertoires!Let’s kick things off with a simple pesto rice salad that we can stuff our mushrooms and peppers with, spoon over roasted vegetables, stir into bowls...

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