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Meghna's Mango & Baobab Tropical Smoothie Bowl


1/2 large mango
1 small carrot
1/2 cup chopped pineapple
1 passion fruit
2 tsp baobab powder
1/2 cup almond milk

We’ve been loving all the recent Twitter, Facebook and Instagram tags letting us see what you’re making with your Minvita. Thank you everyone; we’re trying to share as many as we can with our followers!

The other day one such tag filled us with delight, and this tag came from Meghna of health blog Meghna’s. Not only did it accompany the beautiful recipe guest recipe we’re sharing with you today, but it introduced us to the rest of Meghna’s work – which we’re sure you’ll agree is just stunning. We definitely need to whip up a batch of these with our chia seeds!

Back to today and we loved what Meghna had to say about her recipe:

“Gooood morning!!! Today I wanted to share with you this delicious pic and recipe for my latest smoothie invention. This is a vegan tropical shake that I made with mangoes, pineapple, almond milk, carrots, @minvitauk baobab and passion fruit. I have been craving mangoes! I think it’s the Indian in me reminding me that it’s Mango season back in India. I usually avoid eating any other mangoes other than Indian or Pakistani ones in London because the other ones don’t taste like the ones from back home. However, I was in an all time mango craving phase and decided to give a South American mango a try (Asian mangoes will be here only after May!). I was pleasantly surprised, however. I waited till it became very ripe and this mango was bursting with sweet and tangy taste and with a good texture. It was nothing like the mangoes that I was used to but it was filled with a tropical tang and hue and inspired me to make this smoothie bowl! So all in my tropical cravings were satisfied and I had a pretty and tasty smoothie bowl as well! How amazing is that??”

Here’s how Meghna makes it…

Quantity: serves 1

Blitz all the ingredients together until smooth.
Serve with chopped mango, pineapple, and mint! Enjoy!
It’s hard to go wrong with those instructions! We look forward to our taste of the tropics and thank Meghna for sharing this with us all.

Don’t forget to check out Meghna’s work on her website and Instagram feed. And do give us each a tag if you try the recipe: you can find us here on Instagram. And you may even appear in our monthly Minvita mail!

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