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Magda's Chocolate Banana Zoats with Nut Butter


1 small courgette, finely grated (if you have a fussy eater at home, peel the courgette to disguise it)
90g oats
1 small banana, mashed
250ml plant-based or dairy milk
½ scoop plant-based or whey vanilla protein powder
1 tbsp raw cacao powder (you can grind your Minvita Cacao Nibs into a fine powder using a coffee or nut grinder)
1 tsp baobab powder
1 tsp lucuma powder (optional, you can double-up on the baobab)
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp smooth peanut butter (or other nut butter)
Berries, plum, and goji berries for topping

Time to introduce you to one healthy breakfast that will suit even the fussiest family members. Zoats, or zucchini (courgette) oats, offer such a great way to sneak a touch of green into your loved ones before the day is in full swing. Mention chocolate, banana and nut butter and you’ll face no resistance!

This gorgeous guest recipe comes from a mother, nutritionist and all-round family health expert, Magda Shellekens. Magda is also the star of our latest blog post, sharing all her tips and tricks (and healthy white lies!) for healthy families. Be sure to read this here!

Meanwhile, enjoy your chocolate zoats…

Quantity: serves 3

1. Add oats, courgette and chosen milk to a pot and place on a medium heat. Mix together.

2. Once it starts to bubble, add banana and stir well.

3. After the oats thicken, reduce heat, and add the protein powder, baobab powder, lucuma powder, raw cacao and more liquid (if necessary). Mix well.

4. Remove from heat. Stir in chia seeds.

5. Transfer to bowls and top with a dollop of peanut butter (or nut butter of your choice), the berries; slices of ripe plum and goji berries.

Simple, beautiful health! Thanks for sharing this Magda. Everyone, make sure to read the blog post and let us know what you think. You can reach Magda via the Healthy for Longer website and Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Tag us with your zoats for the chance to appear on our Instagram page, and maybe even our monthly Minvita mail. Meanwhile, you can health up your family with two free superfood samples.

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