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Sophia's Persimmon, Orange & Mulberry Green Smoothie

Ingredients1 tsp Minvita Mulberry Superfood Powder1 persimmon1/2 orange2 handfuls of spinach1/2 frozen banana1 small avocado1 cup coconut waterRecipeToday’s Smoothie Saturday recipe comes to you courtesy of Sophia, from Spoonie Sophia. Her vibrant and fresh green smoothie makes the perfect detox after you’ve indulged this season, or when you feel as if you need a nutrient-boost. Our Mulberry Superfood Powder – which has been proven to help you reduce the chances of developing ‘pre-diabetes’, see the details here – is not only high in Vitamin C but iron, calcium and zinc, too. As it’s made from nothing but 100% organic white...

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Mulberry & Cherry Bakewell Smoothie

Ingredients1 tbsp Minvita Mulberry Superfood Powder1 cup unsweetened almond milk or low fat milk2 tbsp almond butter2-3 pitted dates1/2 cup frozen cherries1 tbsp manuka honeyRecipeWho doesn’t love a Cherry Bakewell? If you adore the taste but want something a little more health-conscious, our Mulberry & Cherry Bakewell Smoothie is an absolute winner. With all of the sweet flavour of the well-loved tart thanks to the naturally sugary dates and delicious cherries (plus an amazing amaretto hum from the almond butter), you can wave goodbye to your cravings and say hello to a smoothie that tastes too good to be… well,...

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Very Mulberry Smoothie

Ingredients 1 tbsp Minvita Mulberry Superfood Powder1/2 cup fresh pomegranate seeds1 peeled banana1/2 cup frozen blueberries1 cup of unsweetened almond milk Recipe Craving something sweet? Our Very Mulberry smoothie is naturally so and bursting with flavour. The health-boosting antioxidant power of our 100% natural Mulberry Superfood Powder helps to lessen the damage of free radicals, and contains alkaloids which are super important for maintaing a strong immune system. With frozen blueberries, banana and pomegranate seeds adding extra nutrients and a cool, refreshing edge – Very Mulberry is one of our all-time favourite smoothies. Enjoy! 1. The trick to getting a...

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