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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Mulberries

We may be slightly biased, but it has to be said – we’re totally head over heels for our Mulberry Superfood Powder, which is made from 100% natural white mulberry leaves. Packed with naturally high levels of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, nutrients – you name it, it’s in there – versatile and of the highest and best quality, it’s a must-have.

1. Vitamin-rich and nutrient-dense

Protein is a macronutrient and as our bodies don’t naturally store it, large quantities are needed to build and repair tissue, make hormones and enzymes, and support the building blocks of muscles, skin, cartilage and blood. Yep, it’s pretty important – good job that mulberries are a great source of protein, hey? In addition, our Superfood Powder is also high in iron (214% of RI) which carries oxygen from our lungs, calcium (225% of RI) which maintains strong teeth and bones and zinc (30% of RI), which helps the immune system to fight off viruses and bacteria. 

RI = reference intake (formally GDA = guideline daily amount)

2. Contains disease-preventing and anti-aging antioxidants

The bad news? Free radicals (molecules with unpaired electrons) can damage the cells in our bodies, ultimately leading to cancer and a variety of other diseases and ageing in a number of cases. The good news? We can help to lessen the damage caused to our bodies by free radicals through antioxidants. Some more good news? Mulberries – the fruit, leaves and stem – contain antioxidants. Our Mulberry Superfood Powder contains resveratrol, an antioxidant thought to contain many impressive health benefits such as helping to protect the body from chronic illness, minimising the negative effects of an unhealthy lifestyle, reducing inflammation and limiting the spread of cancerous cells. Impressive stuff, right?

3. Supports the immune system

A strengthened immune system is a better immune system, we say. As well as containing organically high levels of zinc as stated in #1, mulberry leaves also contain anti-diabetic alkaloids that activate immunity-stimulating white blood cells (macrophages), meaning that your immune system is more alert and ‘ready’ to fight off invading germs and bacteria. Our powder also contains a whopping 287% of the recommended daily dose of flu-fighting Vitamin C per 5g – that annoying cold that knocks you for six every winter is no match for mulberries!

4. Promotes healthy, glowing skin

Skin experts recommend drinking mulberry tea to clear blemishes, so why not go the extra mile and mix a spoonful of our Superfood Powder into a mug of hot water for a concentrated and beautifying drink? The antioxidant powder of mulberries discussed in #2 apply to your skin health as well as your bodily health and could result in a bright, radiant and smooth complexion.

5. Maintains heart health

Reduce bad cholesterol and strengthen the nervous system to ensure your blood clots as it should, not blocks as it shouldn’t. Mulberries are highly effective in preventing potentially fatal health risks such as strokes and heart attacks, as well as controlling the dangers of sugar level spikes thanks to their flavanoids, which balance blood sugar levels.

Purchase Minvita Mulberry Superfood Powder here, and let us know via Facebook or Twitter how you incorporate it into your lifestyle.

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