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Cacao Nibs – The ‘It’s Good For You!’ Healthy Chocolate

If chocolate is your ultimate craving and truffles are your tipping point then we – and our organic Cacao Superfood Nibs – are here to help. They make an amazing, 100% natural alternative to chocolate and stop our cocoa cravings in their tracks – and they may just stop yours, too.

Made using prime Peruvian cacao pods that are cut by hand straight from the tree, the pulp is fermented for a week to ensure a rich, smooth and chocolatey flavour and dried under the sun. We then break up the pods into cute, crunchy little nibs and get creative!

Versatile and multipurpose, cacao nibs can be used in a variety of different ways. We recommend using them in baking – see our latest recipe post on how to make scrumptious brownies without any nasty, unhealthy ingredients – simply snacking on them or sprinkling them over your cereal.

So, what are the benefits of cacao nibs and what makes them healthier than chocolate and ‘good for you’?

First of all, they contain the same famous antioxidant power of dark chocolate and the same nutritional properties, minus the processing and perhaps most importantly – the sugar. Cacao beans are wholesomely rich in magnesium – one of the best dietary sources in fact, with our Cacao Nibs containing 131mg of magnesium per 100g – which can help to reduce fatigue and combat that tired ‘afternoon slump’ feeling. If you’re lacking energy and your magnesium levels are fine, theobromine (a central nervous system stimulant) is naturally found in cacao beans and may help to give you a boost, as well as improving your focus and concentration.

Just one ounce of cacao nibs contains nine grams of dietary fibre, which aids digestion and contributes towards the absorption of glucose and ‘healthy fats’ in the small intestine. As well as regulating bowel action which has the ability to reduce cancer risk, fibre is also important for removing waste and toxins from the body and lowers the Glycaemic Index of a meal.

Need further persuasion?

If the above isn’t quite pushing your buttons, let us tell you a little more. Cacao nibs also boast the capacity to boost your mood thanks to their clever ability to act upon on neurotransmitters and trigger positive and ‘good’ emotions, such as euphoria. The happiness we get from chocolate without the calories? Sign us up! They’re a great source of flavanols, which are powerful at improving circulation. The chromium in cacao can suppress appetite and be a key factor towards healthy weight loss by stabilising blood sugar levels, which helps to control cravings.

Click here to purchase a tub of our Cacao Superfood Nibs and once you’ve given them a whirl, let us know on Facebook or Twitter how you use them – we’d love to hear from you!

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