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Could Baobab Lower Your Stress Levels?

In today’s fast-paced technological society, we often face and deal with stress in our personal and public lives in a number of different ways. Both at work and at home it’s common to experience negative emotions due to pressure and to feel overwhelmed by our busy days, and so it’s important to take time to relax, unwind and let go of any unnecessary stress that’s holding you back or weighing you down.

In addition to employing techniques such as listening to guided meditation via audio tape, taking a warm aromatherapy bubble bath or writing down problems or dilemmas and finding a logical solution, adding Baobab into your diet can also reduce stress levels. Our Baobab Superfruit Powder contains high levels of the following vitamins and minerals, all of which can aid in easing your mind and body of tension. Here’s how!

Vitamin C

Those with high levels of Vitamin C are less likely to suffer from the physical and psychological symptoms of stress, and are able to ‘recover’ far more quickly from stressful situations compared with people who have low levels of Vitamin C in their blood. The recommended daily dose of Vitamin C (75-90mg) aids production of stress and mood regulating hormones such as dopamine and melanin, as well as promoting a raised metabolism and the ability to relax. If that sounds good then our Baobab Superfruit Powder may be for you – just one dessert spoon contains a whopping 300mg of Vitamin C.


Low levels of potassium can affect you psychologically and contribute towards mental disorders such as depression, mood swings, mental lethargy and confusion – all of which are stress-inducing! To help manage anxiety levels ensure you’re getting enough potassium into your diet, which is 4,700 mg daily. You’re probably thinking, “I need to eat more bananas” right now – but know first that our 100% natural Baobab contains six times the potassium content of bananas!


You may find it interesting to know that stress-related diseases such as heart attacks and high blood pressure often go hand-in-hand with low magnesium levels and it’s considered by many Doctors of Medicine to be the most critical and vital mineral needed for managing and coping with stress. You may also find it interesting to know that Baobab is a natural, rich source of magnesium. Need we say more?


Many people associate zinc with its immune-boosting properties, but 7mg for women and 9.5mg for men daily can also be a super stress-buster which is great news for you, as stress levels are exacerbated by low zinc levels. Ensure you’re getting enough of the vital mineral zinc in your diet by incorporating our Baobab into your lifestyle – click here to see five easy ways to do so – and eating plenty of spinach, seafood, pumpkin seeds, cashews, dark chocolate, lean meat, beans and mushrooms.

So there we have it, four stress-reducing vitamins and minerals that are naturally found in the African superfruit and therefore our organic powder. Click here to purchase a tub for yourself – you never know, it has all the potential to lead to a healthier, happier and stress-free you!

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