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Superfoods That Help Fight Fatigue

We spend around a third of our lives in bed, yet many of us feel that our sleep is insufficient. With busy lives and work-filled days, many people rely on ‘quick fixes’ in the form of highly unhealthy and processed fizzy drinks, sugar bursting energy tablets as well as never ending cups of coffee. Because of the high sugar and caffeine content, these are truly ‘quick fixes’ and last only several hours, leaving the user feeling even worse once the sugar and caffeine hit has worn off, making it become a vicious and addictive cycle of repeating that quick fix...

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Cacao Nibs – The ‘It’s Good For You!’ Healthy Chocolate

If chocolate is your ultimate craving and truffles are your tipping point then we – and our organic Cacao Superfood Nibs – are here to help. They make an amazing, 100% natural alternative to chocolate and stop our cocoa cravings in their tracks – and they may just stop yours, too. Made using prime Peruvian cacao pods that are cut by hand straight from the tree, the pulp is fermented for a week to ensure a rich, smooth and chocolatey flavour and dried under the sun. We then break up the pods into cute, crunchy little nibs and get creative! Versatile...

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