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Superfoods That Help Fight Fatigue

We spend around a third of our lives in bed, yet many of us feel that our sleep is insufficient. With busy lives and work-filled days, many people rely on ‘quick fixes’ in the form of highly unhealthy and processed fizzy drinks, sugar bursting energy tablets as well as never ending cups of coffee. Because of the high sugar and caffeine content, these are truly ‘quick fixes’ and last only several hours, leaving the user feeling even worse once the sugar and caffeine hit has worn off, making it become a vicious and addictive cycle of repeating that quick fix feeling. Our Acai Berry, Aguaje, Baobab, Cacao Nibs and Mulberry superfoods all work in a sustainable way of keeping fatigue and energy levels up without that plummeting drop in sugar, as well as having a number of other health benefits, plus they’re so easy to incorporate into your lifestyle.

All about Acai Berry

In the heart of The Amazon, Brazil; lay the blueberry-lookalike super fruit Acai Berry. For centuries it’s been Brazil’s little secret, but luckily it’s now ours to share too.

What are the benefits of Acai Berry?

Acai Berries are extremely high in antioxidants which benefit the heart by lowering cholesterol as well as reducing the chances of developing blood clots and aiding the body’s circulation. One study has suggested that Acai can reduce and even stop cancer cells from multiplying too, as well as aiding weight loss, promoting better skin health, reducing respiratory irritation, improving our cellular system, balancing our hormones and it’s high percentage of Iron to help us fight fatigue and tiredness. Acari Berries are a high source of fibre which not only helps our digestive systems productivity, but also detoxifies it – helping eliminate any bad bacteria which can lead to stomach upsets and discomfort. Just add one spoonful into baking, yogurts, smoothies or juices per day and your body will start benefiting from the goodness almost immediately.

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All About Aguaje

Originating, thriving and growing in the wet parts of South America, the Aguaje fruit is grown on a sometimes 35 metre height palm tree. The fruit themselves are similar to the more common Lychee, with a chestnut colour interior coated in yellow flesh, surrounded by a shell of small red tips.

What are the benefits of Aguaje?

Aguaje is high in vitamins C, A, E and Fibre which benefits a number of things including the skins’ natural collagen and elasticity, the defences to heal wounds and scars, protection from sun damage, balancing hormones, increasing fertility to maintaining exceptionally healthy hair, skin and nails. Aguaje contains 20 times more provitamin A than one carrot, 25 times more Vitamin E than one Avocado and the same Vitamin E as one Orange. Vitamin C works at helping fatigue by boosting the body’s energy levels as well as helping the immune system’s defences.

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All about Baobab

Baobab Powder forms naturally inside the hard-shelled fruit of the African Baobab tree. It is one of the most talked about fruits of the moment for it’s huge range of health benefits with sales rocketing 200% this year alone.

What are the benefits of Baobab?

Baobab contains a number of nutrients including vitamin C, B6, potassium, calcium and fibre. It helps to protect cells, regulate stress, calm asthma, ward off mosquitos, help soothe allergic skin reactions and warding off cancer as well as wrinkles, heart disease, high blood pressure, tummy upsets colds – all while boosting the immune system to build up the body’s natural defences. Simply sprinkle a dessert spoon amount of our Baobab powder over cereals, yogurt, smoothies or as a baking ingredient to incorporate it into your daily diet.

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All about Cacao

Cacao is the rawest form of chocolate, making it a little more bitter and unprocessed than the sugary versions. With 300 nutritional compounds and tonnes of antioxidants it’s no wonder why it’s the latest superfood.

What are the benefits of Cacao?

As well as being high in Magnesium which helps fight fatigue, Cacao promotes a number of other health benefits. The nutrients found in raw Cacao have been found to lower blood pressure, promote cardiovascular function and improving blood flow, aiding damaged body tissue, improving digestion, enhancing physical and mental wellbeing as well as controlling and reducing hunger. Add just a sprinkle of our Cacao Nibs over foods throughout the day to gain the benefits.

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All about Mulberry

Our Mulberry powder is produced from the white leaves of the Mulberry tree, which grows the fruit similar to a Blackberry and Raspberry in appearance.

What are the benefits of Mulberry?

The Mulberry leaves are high in Zinc, Calcium and fatigue-fighting Iron. The powdered leaves are most commonly used for medicine in treating diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol, muscle and joint pain, arthritis, dizziness, high blood pressure as well as the common cold. The chemicals in the leaves breakdown the sugars of the gut so that they are absorbed more slowly into the blood, which leaves you feeling energised and more efficient for longer.

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