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Why Is Baobab Such A Popular ‘Superfood’?

So, baobab – the 100% natural and organic superfruit that’s taking the world by storm. You’ve read about it in VOGUE and Forbes, seen it all over the web and heard countless rave reviews of its health-boosting properties and you’re interested in learning more. Who isn’t?

In next week’s post we’re going to explain baobab in more detail, and teach you the in’s and out’s of how it can lead to a healthier, happier you. In today’s post, we've condensed some of that in-depth information for anyone who’s in a hurry, and just wants the facts quickly and simply. So, just for you, we’re going to list some of those amazing, health-boosting properties and then let you in on just how easy it is to incorporate our Baobab Superfruit Powder into your lifestyle!

– Increased energy levels

– Maintains healthy blood sugar levels

– Boosts and supports immunity

– Maintains healthy heart function

– Improves clarity, texture and appearance of skin

– Aids recovery from exercise

– Promotes mental clarity

– Improves sleep

– Reduces fatigue levels

– Enables a feeling of ‘fullness’, which reduces unnecessary snacking

You’re probably now thinking ‘that must cost a lot‘, and you may be surprised to hear that a tub of our 100% organic and natural Baobab Superfruit Powder is just £14.69! We’re guessing you’re now thinking ‘where can I get it?!‘, so simply click here to purchase a tub of your own and start living a healthier, happier life today. Whilst you’re there, why not check out our entire range of superfoods?

Once you’ve received your baobab, you’re ready to try out some of our delicious and nutritious recipes, such as Sweet Baobab & Berry Slushie, Baobab, Coconut & Pineapple Loaf, Baobab Banana Bread BiscuitsBaobab & Berry Smoothie BowlSee our recipe page for much more!

To learn more about baobab, take a look at some of our other blog posts – such as Could Baobab Lower Your Stress Levels?, 5 Easy Ways To Fit Baobab Into Your Lifestyle and How To Achieve Silky, Smooth Skin Using Baobab.

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