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5 Easy Ways To Fit Baobab Into Your Lifestyle

So, Baobab – the 100% natural and organic superfruit that’s taking the world by storm. You’ve read about it in VOGUE and Forbes, seen it all over the web and heard countless rave reviews of its health-boosting properties, but how can you fit Baobab into your lifestyle and supplement your daily diet? Look no further! And it couldn’t be easier, either…

Mix into water or juice

One of the quickest ways to incorporate Baobab into your diet is to simply add it into just one of your daily glasses of good old H20. Not only will you be rewarded with a refreshing, tangier and zestier drink of water, but you’ll also be replenishing your body with more vitamins, nutrients and minerals than you can count on both hands. Baobab is delicious when shaken into your favourite fruit juice, too.

Here at Minvita, we recommend investing in one of these clever devices to ensure that your Baobab is blended as smoothly as possible into the drink of your choice.

Add to smoothies

Boost the antioxidant level of your smoothie by whizzing a teaspoon of our Baobab Superfruit Powder in with your ingredients. Never made a smoothie before or lacking inspiration? Head over to our Recipes page for quick and easy smoothie recipes that are nutritionally dense and naturally delicious every time.

Use Baobab at breakfast and in baking

At Minvita we believe that breakfast should energise your body and set you up for the day ahead in a tasty and exciting fashion. Who says it has to be boring? Bring pizzazz to your porridge, yumminess to your yoghurt, ‘mmm’ to your muesli and ‘ooh’ to your oatmeal by sprinkling one spoon of our Superfruit Powder onto the morning fuel of your choice. You can even ‘healthify’ your pancakes by stirring a dash of Baobab into the mixture – go on, get creative!

Baobab also bakes perfectly without losing any of its natural goodness, so why not add a generous spoonful into flapjacks, cakes or muffins?Baobab FlapjacksBaobab Flapjacks

Try our Baobab Superfruit tablets

Enriching your food and drink with the goodness of Baobab aside, you can also treat your body to the numerous health benefits of Baobab in seconds by taking two tablets three times a day, preferably before meals. With unique properties and high levels of antioxidants, Vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron and dietary fibre all conveniently wrapped up in 600mg tablets, our Baobab Superfruit tablets are Minvita’s gift from Mother Nature to you.

Nourish and pamper your skin

Who doesn’t want gorgeously glowy limbs and firmer, sheeny skin that could rival Gisele’s? Our Minvita Baobab Body Oil is 100% natural and organic, designed for all skin types (especially dry and dehydrated) and deeply moisturises the skin leaving it incredibly soft and hydrated. Smooth on regularly for improved skin elasticity, an improved appearance of stretch marks or scars and younger-looking, healthier and happier skin.

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