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How To Re-Energise Your Body With the Latest Health Hype: Chia Seeds

If you’re into health and wellbeing in any way – whether you’re a full-blown fitness fanatic, you’ve recently perused the aisles of a health store or you follow any health bloggers on social media – you will have undoubtedly come across a health food that’s loved the world over by dieticians and celebrities alike. And no wonder either, with their versatile nature and the fact that they’re positively packed full of health-boosting vital vitamins and nutrients

We are of course talking about chia seeds – namely our Chia Superfood Seeds, which we’re extremely proud to feature in our range of superfoods. They’re loaded with antioxidants – read our blog post Antioxidants Explained to see why antioxidants are so important – are naturally high in healthy, quality protein and can be added into a variety of different meals. But don’t just take our word for it, let the statistics speak for themselves…

In a single serving of Minvita Chia Superfood Seeds (per one ounce), there are:

– Protein: 4 grams – sufficient protein intake is thought to increase fat burn even whilst your body is digesting it, and is therefore beneficial in weight loss

– Fibre: 11 grams – foods high in fibre keep you feeling fuller for longer, and contribute towards a healthy digestive system

(Per 100g – RI = recommended intake):

– Calcium: 62% – our bodies need calcium for healthy bones and teeth, and for women it can help to beat PMS symptoms

– Iron: 46% – iron is vital for muscle health and improved brain function, as well as decreasing chances of anaemia

– Potassium: 30% – high potassium levels allow more oxygen to reach the brain, reducing the risk of stroke, low blood sugar and cramp

– Magnesium: 77% – helps to keep blood pressure stable and ‘normal’, the heart rhythm steady and the bones strong

– Zinc: 50% – boots the immune system, and contributes towards normal fertility and reproduction

If that’s not enough to motivate you to sprinkle a spoon of chia seeds over your morning granola or whizzed into your daily smoothie, the fact that they’ve been dubbed one of the healthiest foods on the planet might. In addition to the vitamins, minerals and nutrients listed above, they also contain Omega-3, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3 and phosphorus. Their high fibre and protein levels means that chia seeds are perfect for anyone looking to maintain a healthy weight, thanks to their deliverance of a lot of nutrients, with very little calories.

We describe our Chia Superfood Seeds as “potent little bundles of energy”, and love to incorporate them into our diets – whether that be smoothie, yoghurt, baking or juice – get creative! If you’re looking for a few recipes to start you off, why not try our Strawberry, Banana & Chia Seed Pick-Me-Up Smoothie, our Breakfast Berry Blast Smoothie or our Strawberry & Chia Pre-Workout Smoothie?

To purchase a tub of our 100% organic and natural Chia Superfood Seeds for yourself, click here – and do check us out on TwitterFacebook and Pinterest – we’d love to hear from you, whether you’ve created a new recipe using our superfoods or you’d just like to say hi to all of us at Minvita!

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