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How To Re-Energise Your Body With the Latest Health Hype: Chia Seeds

If you’re into health and wellbeing in any way – whether you’re a full-blown fitness fanatic, you’ve recently perused the aisles of a health store or you follow any health bloggers on social media – you will have undoubtedly come across a health food that’s loved the world over by dieticians and celebrities alike. And no wonder either, with their versatile nature and the fact that they’re positively packed full of health-boosting vital vitamins and nutrients We are of course talking about chia seeds – namely our Chia Superfood Seeds, which we’re extremely proud to feature in our range of superfoods....

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Antioxidants Explained

So – antioxidants. We hear this ‘buzz word’ thrown around the health community a lot these days, but you may struggle to think of an explanation for what antioxidants are and what they do. Put as simply as possible, antioxidants are exactly what their name suggests – they are anti-oxidising. Oxidation, whilst a perfectly normal chemical process that takes part in our bodies each day, doesn’t always lead to desirable consequences when aggravated and increased by factors such as drug consumption (cigarettes, alcohol etc) and stress. When oxidation is accelerated, free radicals form which may lead to cell damage – and if...

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How To Maintain and Strengthen Your Immune System

It’s easy to take our immune systems for granted as for the majority of us, they work perfectly well 95% of the time. However, they’re vital to our wellbeing – how noticeable is it when your immune system takes a knock and as a result you come down with a nasty winter cold accompanied by a persistent, painful cough? All of a sudden, we crave to feel ‘normal’ again. If when this happens you rush to a pharmacy to buy echinacea and Vitamin C tablets, you’re doing it wrong. Yes, those supplements may help in the short run, but we...

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