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How Can Our Mulberry Powder Help Diabetes Patients?

We’re all aware of how too much sugar can be dangerous for us and our health, but you may be shocked to hear that a recent study estimated that over one third  of the British population now has ‘pre-diabetes’, which means that they have abnormally high blood sugar levels and are on the verge of being diagnosed with diabetes. A way of keeping your blood sugar levels under control and helping to prevent the risk of developing diabetes – the natural way – is our Mulberry Superfood Powder.

Made from 100% natural white mulberry leaves – hence the green colour – our powder not only contains high levels of iron, calcium and zinc but a ‘magic’ ingredient; a compound called 1-deoxynojirimycin (DNJ) which is reported to slow down the activity of an enzyme called alpha-glucosidade, which digests carbohydrates. Various research studies have been carried out investigating the benefits of mulberry leaf extract on blood sugar levels, including:


1. 50 healthy people given mulberry leaf extract before drinking a maltose (sugar) solution had lower blood glucose levels, compared to those given a placebo drink – Ewha Women’s University and Seoul National University of Science and Technology, published in the Journal of Functional Foods

2. ingesting mulberry leaf extract with sucrose significantly reduced the increase in blood glucose in the following 120 minutes in both healthy people and people with diabetes – published in the American Diabetes Association’s journal Diabetes Care


Dr Sarah Brewer, GP and medical nutritionist, had the following to say on our Mulberry Superfood Powder:

“Mulberry leaves are not just for silkworms. Taking mulberry leaf powder with a meal can reduce the spike in blood sugar level which occurs after eating. These spikes are the most dangerous when it comes to developing diabetes-related complications, as glucose damages artery linings throughout the circulation. White mulberry leaf extracts work by inhibiting an enzyme called intestinal sucrase. This enzyme is needed to break down table sugar (sucrose) , maltose and starches to release glucose during digestion. This action is similar to that of a diabetes drug called acarbose. Mulberry leaf extracts also contain antioxidants that protect pancreatic islet cells and improve secretion of insulin, and reduce sugar cravings to improve weight loss. Mulberry leaf extracts are ideal for people with prediabetes, or type 2 diabetes that is being managed by diet alone. If you are taking diabetes medication, it is important to monitor blood glucose levels regularly and know how to adjust your medication when your control improves.”


With 3.4 million people in the UK having a diagnosis of diabetes and a further estimated 630,000 having the condition without knowing, this health issue is extremely relevant and it’s important to take steps to protect your health and wellbeing sooner, rather than later. 


Dr Brewer advises that Minvita Mulberry Superfood Powder is best used by people with either pre-diabetes or diabetes that is being controlled by diet alone. “It could also be used by patients who are taking certain diabetes medications such as the drug metformin, but you would have to closely monitor your blood sugar to check your blood glucose levels doesn’t drop too low and induce hypoglycaemia. You should also inform your GP that you are taking it.”


To read more about how our product could benefit your health, please see 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Mulberries. To see how to use our powder, check out our Very Mulberry Smoothie recipe, our Mulberry & Cherry Bakewell Smoothie recipe or our Mulberry & Raspberry Muffins recipe. 

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