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The Avocado and Mulberry Face Mask


makes 4 face masks

- 2 very ripe Avocados
- 1 tbsp of our Mulberry powder
- 2 tbsp Honey
- 1 heaped tbsp Cinnamon
- a little bit of water

Sometimes you need to treat your skin just as well as you treat your insides, after all, it is our biggest organ. We’ve put together a 5 minute face mask recipe which contains only four ingredients and is so easy to make!

The leaves of the Mulberry tree contain nutrients that are used for a number of medicinal purposes as well as being a big hit in the beauty industry. The leaves contain a huge amount of antioxidants including Vitamins A, C, E and K which are effective at anti-ageing as well as clearing scarring and acne, rejuvenating skin, treating skin problems such as dryness or sensitivity while leaving it both soft and radiant. Honey is most commonly thought as a food ingredient, but it also has many benefits for the skin such as fighting bacteria, leading to less break-outs, promoting slower skin ageing, moisturising, softening and smoothing as well as gently exfoliating by gently removing dead skin cells. Cinnamon plumps skin by stimulating facial blood circulation (leading to less fine lines) as well as soothing eczema, de-clogging blackheads, prompting scar recovery and healing acne-causing bacteria with it’s natural antiseptic properties. Avocado is renowned for it’s benefits in eating as well as skincare. It contains high amounts of fatty acids which help to regenerate skin cells, reduce redness and irritation, reduce the effects of negative sun exposure, enhancing natural collagen construction and finally improving the skins’ overall appearance.

1 – Start by cutting your ripe Avocados in halves and spoon out their insides.

2 – Place the Avocados in a mixer along with the Cinnamon, Honey, our Mulberry powder (£19.99) and a little bit of water to help the blender mix the ingredients smoothly.

3 – Dispense the ingredients into an empty face creams’ packaging or simply add it into a big bowl or teacup to place in your fridge. Smooth as much as desired over your face and neck, excluding your lips, eyes and nostrils. Leave for 15 minutes to truly feel the benefits, and simply wipe off with a warm cloth.

… And that’s it! What’s great is that our mask can remain in the fridge for unto four days, meaning your weekly face masks can be made in advance – you can also eat it too!

If you recreate this face mask do let us know via our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Here’s to good skin!

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