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Strawberry, Banana & Chia Pick-Me-Up Smoothie

Ingredients1 tbsp Minvita Chia Superfood Seeds1 cup frozen strawberries1 frozen banana1 cup water/crushed iceRecipeWe’re keeping things super simple with this week’s Smoothie Saturday recipe as we find that some weekends, we want something quick and easy that tastes great and gives us a pick-me-up so that we can enjoy and get the best out of our Saturday. If that sounds familiar, why not try out this delicious recipe? Our Chia Superfood Seeds are like tiny energy-boosters and will add some pep to your step!1. On Friday night (or whichever night precedes the day you’ll be creating this smoothie on), pre-soak...

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Strawberry & Chia Pre-Workout Smoothie

Ingredients 1 tbsp Minvita Chia Superfood Seeds1 cup strawberries (fresh or frozen)1 frozen banana1 cup water Recipe During a workout, your body requires fuel to enable it to effectively burn fat and gain muscle. A liquid snack, such as a smoothie, can help to reach your potential during each and every workout meaning that you see better results, quicker. Chia seeds pack an energising punch and work brilliantly, adding not only a great taste and subtle ‘bite’ to your smoothies but Omega-3, calcium and iron, too. High in immunity-boosting zinc, our Chia Superfood Seeds are 100% natural and own the...

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Breakfast Berry Blast Smoothie

Ingredients1-2 tbsp any of Minvita Superfood or Superfruit Powders1 cup frozen blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, cranberries1 cup water or milk of your choice (almond, soy, coconut)1 tsp Minvita Chia Superfood Seeds1 ripe bananaRecipeFor a nourishing and nutrient-filled start to your day, try our Breakfast Berry Blast. The fabulous thing about this smoothie is just it’s extremely versatile and you can switch up the ingredients to suit your personal taste, as well as whizzing in the Superfruit or Superfood Powder of your choice depending on your nutrition needs. For example if you have a weak immune system and could benefit from...

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