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Could Baobab Lower Your Stress Levels?

In today’s fast-paced technological society, we often face and deal with stress in our personal and public lives in a number of different ways. Both at work and at home it’s common to experience negative emotions due to pressure and to feel overwhelmed by our busy days, and so it’s important to take time to relax, unwind and let go of any unnecessary stress that’s holding you back or weighing you down. In addition to employing techniques such as listening to guided meditation via audio tape, taking a warm aromatherapy bubble bath or writing down problems or dilemmas and finding...

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5 Simple Ways To Be Healthier Today

‘Healthier’. It’s something we all want to be, right? We know the basics of how to get there, but our busy daily lives get in the way and matters aren’t helped by the sheer amount of information we receive via the media about the latest fad diet or fitness trend. To make your life easier, to help you to make better choices for your overall health and wellbeing and as time waits for no-one, we’ve taken the liberty of simplifying things down into five easy steps that you can start doing today. Be active daily Want to live well and for longer?...

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5 Easy Ways To Fit Baobab Into Your Lifestyle

So, Baobab – the 100% natural and organic superfruit that’s taking the world by storm. You’ve read about it in VOGUE and Forbes, seen it all over the web and heard countless rave reviews of its health-boosting properties, but how can you fit Baobab into your lifestyle and supplement your daily diet? Look no further! And it couldn’t be easier, either… Mix into water or juice One of the quickest ways to incorporate Baobab into your diet is to simply add it into just one of your daily glasses of good old H20. Not only will you be rewarded with a...

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