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WIN a Blend! 3 winners, 3 chances!

Smash your autumn wellness goals by winning your Superfood Blend of choice: Minvita Detox Superfood Blend OR Minvita Energy Superfood Blend (RRP £19.99 each) 3 winners will be chosen – 1 from each Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. You can enter across ALL platforms for 3 chances to win! ENTER NOW! 1) Via Facebook: Follow Minvita, like the competition post & leave a comment saying which blend you’d pick: ENERGY or DETOX. 2) Via Twitter: Follow Minvita, like the competition post & leave a reply saying which blend you’d pick: ENERGY or DETOX. 3) Via Instagram: Follow Minvita, like the competition post & leave a comment...

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5 steps to smarter meals (feat. t plus drinks & a giveaway)!

5 top tips to smarten up your meals; the smarter teas you need in your life, plus the prize bundle you’ll really want to win! Today’s post is all in honour of t plus drinks’ ‘The Smarter Series’, where we’ve had the pleasure of discussing smarter meals alongside MOMA and Pudology. Let’s get things started with your… 5 STEPS TO SMARTER MEALS: STEP 1. Plan it out. Meal planning has made such a difference to our lives. That little bit of time spent plotting out our meals saves SO much energy through the working week and makes it so much...

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How to end the afternoon slump

Time to say sayonara to your daily energy dip! But first, let’s find out what it is… THE SLUMP IS REAL! Let’s be honest, we’ve all wondered whether our afternoon slump is a phenomenon more closely related to laziness than science. But alas, there’s a very real reason why our energy dives come mid-afternoon; it’s all about our circadian rhythm. As we know, our natural body clocks were set long before the digital age and have wavered little since. Throughout each day, there are various points in which our bodies respond well to certain elements, whether it’s eating, exercising or...

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