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Your superfood guide to a healthier summer

Your official guide to looking more vibrant, protecting your skin, staying cool and all round living well with superfoods this summer! Superfood (noun): a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. Summer (noun): the season of fun and adventure…ahem, maybe this one came from our own dictionary, but you’re with us, right?! Starting simply: despite what Dr. Google tells you, fast-track weight loss never looks pretty. Step away from the fad diet guide, stop Googling cellulite cures, it’s time to focus on the positives. We champion the notion of #onegoodthing – adding one healthy addition to your...

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Your healthy family – a nutritionist’s tips!

Simple changes for a healthy family, thanks to Healthy for Longer! Wish you could encourage the kids to eat healthier? Facing some resistance from your partner, or perhaps you just don’t know where to start? You’re by no means alone, which is why we’ve invited a true subject expert into our midst today – an expert for whom this topic is both passion and work. Magda Schellekens (AKA ‘Healthy for Longer’) is a qualified Nutritionist and Health Coach, with a Masters in Health Management from the Imperial College Business School, alongside her qualification in Personalised Nutrition from the Centre for Nutrition...

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All the facts on GABA (and GABA rice)!

The full nutritional lowdown on GABA, and the science of GABA rice… What is GABA? Summarising the science… GABA (‘gamma amino butyric acid’) is one of several amino acids present in in our brains that acts as a neurotransmitter – AKA chemical messenger. There are two main categories of neurotransmitter, those that stimulate (‘excitatory’) and those that calm (‘inhibitory’), with GABA one of the soothing latter. What effect does GABA have on our body? Some call it ‘nature’s Valium’ for its ability to balance the mood and settle more stimulated and anxious functions. As with its fellow inhibitory neurotransmitters, dopamine...

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