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Your new superfood blends

You asked; we listened! We’ve seen a surge of requests for a single powder you could throw in your Nutribullet on a busy morning. A fuss-free way of getting closer to your health and nutrition goals without the expense of ‘cocktailing’ your superfood powders… Well, how could we ignore such a request?! It’s time to introduce your brand new Superfood Blends… MINVITA ENERGY SUPERFOOD BLEND Organic | Raw | Vegan | Gluten-free This blend actively enhances your natural energy and stamina while boosting your mood. Vitamin C, iron and protein synergistically fire up your energy reserves, calcium fuels each of...

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GABA rice news & a FREE full-size product for you!

Our popular Organic Sprouted GABA Rice has landed online at To celebrate, we’ve got a free product deal for you… HOW TO CLAIM YOUR FREE PRODUCT! Buy any Minvita GABA Rice directly from Holland and Barrett online; leave a great review at once you’ve tried it, then email us proof of purchase and review, and we’ll send you… Your chosen full-size Minvita product for FREE! Yes, totally free. As long as it’s in stock, it’s yours! THE FACTS ON GABA RICE… Wondering what makes our Organic Sprouted GABA Rice so special? Here’s the full nutritional lowdown. HOW TO USE YOUR...

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Healthy feeds to follow!

Discover new #hbloggers and Instagrammers to follow – and find out who keeps them healthy! Each day we find ourselves buzzing with a new discovery. That recipe tag that takes us to a motivational feed, the health blogger with the refreshingly new angle or the industry insider who sparks further research and debate. Really, it’s got to be one of the best bits about working in this industry. Topped only perhaps by being in the position to share our finds with the rest of you! So, that’s what we’re going to do today: share some of the people who keep...

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